In my last post, I expressed exacerbation about the reappearance of a twinge. Flo had some good advice; the foam roller has worked miracles before and I hope it will again.

I wanted to go out with the Bronxville folks on Sunday morning but thunder appeared and would not leave. I don’t run when there’s thunder. So I didn’t run. And there was a good deal of rain. And they both ended by late morning. On Saturday I had gone to the store to pick up a pair of New Balance Trail Minimuses. They’re all the rage. Bobby P suggested getting a trail pair to wear on trails — he noted that you can’t wear them elsewhere, which means no running to the trail in them.

I was pumped and hoping that the trail would not be a problem after the rain. Also, because the loop of the lake is about 1.6 miles (the shot at the top of this blog is from that loop), if I had a problem I’d have no more than .8 to walk back to the car.

Off I went. And the following is a post-run video report. I’ll add that I had no problems this morning except for getting tired and ended up doing an hour of loops — 5+ — of the trail in my trainers. As I put it on Facebook, at times running on trails can make me think, almost, that I’m running in some bucolic rural county in England.