Having posted a response to my arch-nemesis on an issue about which I am ambivalent — women-only races — I realize that I haven’t posted in a bit. Which is largely because I’ve not much to say.

I’m a little anxious. Last Sunday we had a meet-up at the Rockies, and a nice turnout. Some lunatics (I mean this in the nicest possible way) were doing many hours of running there and stopped by at Sleepy Hollow HS in between segments. I picked up a few folks from the City at the Tarrytown station, and we had a nice turnout from Bronxville. I planned a nice route to include a trip down to the River. Alas as we went down a hill in the first mile, I did something to my right leg, perhaps over-extending, and had to stop briefly and then permanently when it continued. Damn. I hobbled back. The others, though, had a good time and we’re thinking of making it a regular last-Sunday-of-the-month thing.

This left me in a tenuous situation. Would this twinge go away? Monday off. Tuesday to Scarsdale’s track. The rationale was that if it bothered me I could stop and not walk far. Plus it was a nice, smooth surface. And it was fine for the 4 miles or so of the run. Wednesday is the regular Bronxville RC run. Bobby P. does not like the BRP pathway. I figured I’d give everyone a tour of some nice areas in Yonkers, which prove quite useful at night and when there’s snow because they are interesting without much traffic.

So I led them on a wandering course over 6 miles, including a number of good and one really good (up-and-down) hill. I had no problems and we pretty much kept the seven or eight of us together. Which was followed by a Pete’s Burger at Pete’s.

Thursday. Another nice run. Quite relaxed, 7 miles, no watch. Friday, alas, was to be my normal Twin Lakes/Nature Study gig (I alternate with 5 or so miles on the track when the trail’s too wet). And I felt great here too. Until I didn’t. Damn. Again a twinge in the upper leg. Not even sure where it is. So now I had the long 1.5 mile walk back.

So it’s Saturday morning and I, as I say, am on the porch. I’m taking this day off, hoping it’ll be OK tomorrow.