This has been a solid training week, even with a glitch on Tuesday, in my 1000 intervals. The details are in the diary. Looks like 49 miles for the week, with a couple of speedy things, a couple of longish (for me/for now) things (yesterday with Warren Street and today with the Bronxville Running Company). Although I ended one 8-miler at 6.7 because of an ache in my back on Monday that is of no concern since, as expected, it disappeared as mysteriously as it came. This is fairly common for me. I get an ache and stop and then it doesn’t bother me again.

More important, in all of the runs, even the struggles of today and yesterday in which I was barely hanging on, I feel light and smooth.

On Thursday is the Master’s Mile at White Plains High School. It’s part of the Loucks Games. I’ve done the mile a couple of times. I’m going back and forth on whether I’ll do it again.


I appreciate the comments I got on the Why-Run-NYRR-Races post. For me, it is part of a process of considering more and more other races. I may, for example, give a shot at the Riverdale Ramble, put on by my friends at Van Cortlandt Track Club, which I’ve never done but which has long intrigued me.

That post was also a product my own exasperation with NYRR. After the NYC Marathon Show “fiasco” (a word used by someone who cared because he was hoping to find out whether he had gotten in via the Lottery) and an email I wrote to someone there (in which I used the words “moron” and “fuck-up,” although expressly not in reference to her), I received the response that the someone else and I are “the first to pile on at the first scent of trouble,” which struck me as peculiar since both this other guy and I frequently extol the benefits of and the good done by NYRR even if we’re not cowed into ignoring missteps and suggesting improvements.

In the end, though, NYRR is what it is and we each use, or don’t use, it as we will. We should all remember, though, the alternatives available.