It has been a while.

Running-wise, things have been up and down. A couple of weeks back I had some good solid efforts under my belt and felt that I was making real progress. Then just as quickly I had difficulty, first with a sore knee and then with a progression run in which I never felt comfortable and had to DNF. Another cutting short of a tempo run I was trying to do on a track and some more knee-aching and by this past week-end I was not in a fit state for anything.

Then a very solid trail run on my home trail on Sunday, a solid tempo effort on the treadmill, and a super good lunch-time run on the flat path near my office in White Plains today and I’m suddenly up again. As to the latter, if I over-analyze a progression run, I get nervous beforehand and find it difficult to maintain what really are not killer paces, yet today my run started out easy but picked up so that the last 2.5 miles were smooth and a strain but quite fast, which was the objective of my aborted progression run. I think the more I complete the hard stuff I must do the more confident I’ll be in being able to complete it and then I’ll be finally making progress.

Alas, I’m in no shape to race long, so I must pass on this Saturday’s Sleepy Hollow HM and next week’s Scarsdale 15K. I am committed, though, to the next Club race, the Scottish 10K on April 10. It’ll be a good test of where I am and, I hope, of where I’m going. And we’re planning a post-race get-together in association with The New York Running Show.