I’ve said a few times that in the past I’ve not found winter here in Westchester that big a deal, that I’ve lost a few isolated days here and there to being able to run outside. Not so now. I ran outside on Sunday for the first time in just under 2 weeks. As I noted in my log, I was concerned that my regular running on the treadmill would be a problem and when I set out it seemed that it was. The first mile felt soooo slow. But they I got my rhythm back and actually felt pretty good. Strange, in a sense, not to have the sweat pouring off me, as it does on the treadmill, but the slight hills I encountered in my jaunty around Tuckahoe High School were so short compared to, say, 5 minutes at a 5.0 incline on the treadmill. And the road pace was a pretty easy 7-flat for just over an hour so I haven’t obviously lost fitness. Score one for technology.

I was frightened, and perhaps remain a bit so, that the treadmill runs are a waste and that when I finally can get out regularly again, which looks like will be in May, I’ll have to start from scratch.

On the treadmill, for the most part I keep a constant tempo with constant speeding up over the final 10 minutes, so that I’m going quite fast by the end. I also throw in hills now and then, and today I did my first ever successful tempo run, 20 minutes, on it. I feel though that just keeping a steady rhythm for 50 minutes or more — I got to 80 minutes on Saturday — with no change in pace until the end and minimal changes in incline is a good way to get in solid miles.


Pete Larson of RunBlogger fame posted this morning about a conference that he attended in West Virginia. Although the event was stacked with forefoot officianados, Pete attended with a skeptical view and found himself vindicated. His conclusion, that we don’t know as much as we could and that if you aren’t getting yourself injured it doesn’t make sense to change, is described in his post. Pete was on a RunnersRoundTable on Running Form in September, and we hope to have a follow-up.

NYCRuns, New York Running Show

As I noted, I’m writing a regular column for NYCRuns on the New York Road Runners. Now I’m concerned that I’ll run out of things to say, although regular readers will retort that such hasn’t stopped me before. My last entry was entitled “Common Sense.”

Finally, I’m enjoying the New York Running Show. Some have said we need to stay more on-topic. I’ll try, but I like the near randomness of our conversations. It’s an open show. If anyone want to join in, feel free to.