Many of us know what it’s like to run over the Verazno-Narrows Bridge. Here’s a shot of going under, on the QM2:

This is from the most-recent Bowery Boys Show, which is about the bridge. As always, worth a listen. I recall seeing the Brooklyn-side tower before the roadway was put in.

I’m forever debating with myself about my stride, and have pretty well decided to let it be. (Pete Larson has an interesting piece today about the variability of runners,which is a fancy way of saying that shoes do allow runners to go fast with all manner of different forms.) I came upon this picture taken of me by Stéphane at the NYC Half. A heel-strike, but not a braking one, so far as I can tell:

Stéphane, btw, was nominated for NYRR athlete-of-the-year in his age-group. So was Paul Thompson and Jorge Pardo on Warren Street’s men’s Masters team. One of my goals for 2011 is to get a nomination. In the past, when I’ve run well enough to have a shot I haven’t run often enough. When I ran often enough, I didn’t run well enough.

On Sunday’s New York Running Show: NYRR’s Club Series schedule for 2011. And don’t forget Julie’s RunnersRoundTable on Eating Disorders on Monday night.