I had a number of discussions with Steve Lastoe of NYCRuns, who’s been instrumental in getting The New York Running Show up and running, as well as with others about NYRR. Incidental stuff mostly, like the NYC HM debacle.

Long-story short, I am going to be writing a weekly column for NYCRuns on the NYRR. I explain why I have an interest in NYRR in my first piece, The 800 Pound Gorilla. For this in particular, I’d appreciate any feedback, including ideas for columns, from readers. My perspective is mine and it’s fairly limited.

Separately, I hope NYCRuns will be instrumental in knitting together the area running community. Its calendar of events is important — although its forum hasn’t gotten traction — and is the place to go to find non-NYRR races in the tri-state area.

Along these lines, Julie suggested a non-NYRR series for local clubs. It’s an idea that I hope has legs — several clubs have expressed interest in it — and I’ll be writing about that in a bit. And in case I forget, Julie is hosting a RunnersRoundTable on Monday at 7 on Eating Disorders and Exercise Addiction. While I’d enjoy listening to her interview barnyard chickens, for this she worked hard to pull together folks who know whereof they speak.