A movie on Hood-to-Coast, the granddaddy of American road relays, was shown throughout the US tonight. It reminded me of the following done by Greg Stern of Sound Shore in 2006 of our Reach-the-Beach experience. (Someone who’s done both says RTB is much tougher.) As anyone who’s run a road relay knows, this is one of the most pleasant memories a runner can have, made sweeter to me by the fact that we competed as a club, i.e., everyone was a member of the club, and we had a wide-range of talent levels but a common level of commitment. My report.

You’ll notice someone on crutches at the end, and will have seen her being carried earlier. That was Jerri Lynn who screwed up her hip on her first leg and had to DNF. She was quite happy to get in all of her legs in 2007 although, rather ironically, her husband, who was doing among the toughest legs, had to DNF after two of them that year.

We did the race again in 2007, with a couple of substitutions required, and finished 21st o/a. I was pleased to have seen many of these folks at Paine-to-Pain, either as runners or workers. I doubt I’d do one again, but I’m quite happy that I did.