I’ve been enjoying The New York Running Show. We’ve found a regular time slot — Sunday at 8 — and have a good group of regulars. The most recent show — that would be Ep. 12 — however, got a tad uncomfortable to me when Brenn turned the tables and asked me a question. As a rule (guideline?) I’m the inquisitor. Figurative bright light above the others, I pry and pry and nudge and nudge.

But, Brenn wondered, “what about you Joe?” Miss Piggy may be always ready to speak of “moi.” I prefer to have things bounce about the recesses of my brain first (although they are often still half-baked). So I was forced to speak of my plans for this blog — perhaps less frequency given that I’ve pretty well exhausted some topics — and for 2011 — the marathon.

So in the future I hope various of our participants will take advantage of the chance to ask what they want to ask on the topic in which they are interested so I don’t become a Larry King of the show and it becomes a more interesting addition to the community.

And for fans of Sliding Doors: