My new adventure — the one in which I’m coached — has begun. Quietly but significantly. I was given only two specifics for the week, one repeats up a hill, the other a set of twelve fartleks of 1 min./1 min. While I had no pace per se for either workout, I found both hard. This was likely because I was running them harder than I might have. But these were important initial steps to me and I was determined that they have an impact. It was the determination to complete them that got me through. So I think it’s a good start, even if I was left hands-on-my-knees spent at the end of each.

And the week ended with the 10-miler she had put in for me. Fortunately, I had a commitment in Queens this morning (I join my siblings (no spice) for a trip to the cemetery where my parents and paternal grandparents are buried, followed by breakfast at a local diner, which is an annual tradition) so did not get to head out until later, which in the event was after the rain had stopped. A bit windy at times, but a good effort, which gave me 43 miles or so for the week.

I received some nice comments from my JoeK report. I appreciate them all. It was a long effort, that race, but I’m pleased to have had the chance to test myself in it.

Speaking of coaches, I’ve been having a back-and-forth with someone I coached when I was at Sound Shore. She objects to my racer/runner distinction — which incidentally came up at last week’s WSSAC breakfast in which a teammate (not me) said “some people never get it” when I mentioned the distinction — and I’ve given up on debating the issue. I’m pleased to say, though, that she found a coach more to her liking, who told her he thought she had “raced” her recent marathon even if she did not train to the level I arbitrarily (in her view) characterized as the sine qua non for racing that distance. So it’s a win-win.

Finally, if you read this blog you probably know TK. I’m also pleased to say that she has safely traveled across a difficult stretch of road, literally and figuratively.