About a year-and-a-half back, before Boston, I commented on someone’s blog that being “soft” going into a marathon can be very bad; if the weather doesn’t cooperate, the wheels will come off. I was set upon by a cabal of Lilliputian commentators who interpreted my observation as being needlessly mean-spirited. I made a lot of enemies with that post.

Turns out that Jaymee’s Chicago was more impressive than I first thought. A LetsRun thread People don’t seem to realize how bad the heat was at Chicago has reflections from a number of people who also ran the race. They suffered. (There are a few typically stupid comments, but the gist of it is guys saying, “it was tough, no excuses, but it was tough.”) I hosted an Open Mike night on RunnersRoundTable and Mark U. and Craig J. both spoke of blowing up during the race, and we had a discussion there about what happened, what went wrong, stuff like that.

In the end, as I said, it makes Jaymee’s effort all the more impressive, and our nervousness about whether she would make it in the latter stages all the more justified.

(Also, I discovered that “MS” in the exchange during Jaymee’s Chicago has already qualified for the OT as a Masters.)