Rockies Oct. 9, 2010Today’s one of those wonderful fall days we have in New York (and, according to Pascal, it’s beautiful in Paris as well). My plan was to head up to the Rockies to come up with routes for next week’s Day-At-The-Rockies. (Necessitated in part because the planned route is off-limits due to an equestrian event at Rockwood Hall, which itself sounds pretty cool, being a mock fox chase.)

So with a brief exception at the end, I stayed to the east of Sleepy Hollow Road. And I found a route that I think won’t get too many people lost. Yet I was again reminded that this is not such an easy place to run. There are a goodly number of hills, and I hit a few in the early going. But I persevered.

Perfect day. Sunny, not too warm. Fewer runners than I expected, perhaps because I was a bit on the late side (I started a bit before 10). For me, it was quite encouraging. Early on there were a few stretches when I had to exhort myself to keep going/keep going but after about 20 minutes I was relaxed at sub-7 pace and I got in my 10 in just over 70. This was incredibly encouraging. (I did fast 8 X 200s on Wednesday; with no issues — I want to regularly get fast stuff in to work on form — and today the knee hurt at about 30 minutes, but it passed.)

To get in the mood for next week’s meeting at Sleepy Hollow High School, here’s a video of what can happen if you get caught out there after dark (isn’t that Emma’s dad?):