On Sunday, October 17, we’re going to have a Day At The Rockies. The time will be about 9am (which will allow for people coming by train). If you have any questions or would like to tell us you’re coming, email JG. There’s also a FaceBook Event Page.

The Rockies is a great place to run. It consists of carriage trails at the Rockefeller Estate in Pocantico Hills. Broadly defined, it also includes the Old Croton Aqueduct and Rockwood Hall. Lots of folks run there.

The idea is that we can introduce it to folks in the City, although all are welcome. Importantly you can get there — about a mile from the trail head — via Metro North’s Hudson Line (to Tarrytown) in 40 minutes from Grand Central and 30 from 125th Street. And we can coordinate car pools and train-station pickups.

This is an intro session. People are free to go however long (in time and distance) they’d like, but the Groups will be out for a bit over an hour.

It will not be one mass of humanity. We’ll break-up into groups by pace, and the thought is a bit over an hour total, with one stop at half-way.

This is not an easy place to do long runs because it is riddled with hills, long and short, steep and gradual, but, as the song says, if you can make it here you can make it anywhere.

This is an easy place in which to get lost, but after a dozen visits or so one begins to pick up on landmarks.

We have not decided on the route on October 17, but will try to make it such as to limit the danger of losing people. (Initial course plans are in doubt because there is an annual equestrian event that morning at Rockwood Hall.) But we will be meeting in the parking lot of Sleepy Hollow High School (SHHS). Depending on how many people we have, we have options as to what we’ll do post-run, including the traditional breakfast at the Horseman’s Diner down the hill.

With some knowledge of the place, we hope people will make a habit of coming up every once in a while. A number of NYC clubs come up regularly as does the Iona College XC team.

We’ve set up a Twitter account — @RockiesNYRun. The purpose of this account is simple. If you want to do a run, send a Tweet to @RunWestchester and we’ll Tweet it on @RockiesNYRun. It’ll then go to all followers. That’ll be the sole purpose of that account. So if you want to do 12 miles at 8 min. pace at 9am on Sunday Nov. 20 (“12 at 8 min., 9am Sun 11/20, SHHS @YourTwitter”), that’ll go out to all followers with your Twitter account for people to follow up.

Edited to Add: TK wonders about post-run eating. During the run itself we’ll be pretty close to <a href=”http://www.bluehillfarm.com/food/blue-hill-stone-barns&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>Stone Barns</a>, a high-end place visited last week by the FLOTUS, which is on or abuts the Rockies. I don’t know how many folks we have, but instead of diner food we could go with coffee and pastries at the Blue Hill <a href=”http://www.bluehillfarm.com/food/fact-sheet/blue-hill-cafe&#8221; rel=”nofollow”>Cafe</a>, a short drive away.