It’s a little stuffy in my living room. A brutal thunderstorm is coming (storming?) through and the windows are closed.  Earlier, I did something I’ve not done for a while, I went for a run during lunch from my office in White Plains. (Video from December.) Nothing spectacular, just down to Hartsdale along the Bronx River Parkway and back, on the path. Thirty minutes. And I was tired and sweaty when I finished.

As noted after the Josh, I took some time off in the hope that my knee would heal. But it still bothers me a little. Bother but not affect how I run and not particularly hurting while I run. So 20 minutes Sunday to and on the track and 30 yesterday morning (wearing arm-warmers early on). And today’s 30. Giving it a rest didn’t seem to make much of a difference. So I’ve decided to just run unless it forces me to stop. If it goes, it goes, but I’m tired of being in limbo about it.

Years back I had a sore Achilles tendon. I had tried to play soccer without success but with a fair amount of lateral movement. It strained. But it didn’t affect my running so I just learned to live with it. After many months, though, it suddenly vanished, not to be seen again. My hope is that the same is true for the knee.

Speaking of video, I managed to put my iPod Nano 5th Gen., the one with the camera, into the washing machine in a pocket. I thought it was dead, but it’s now in a coma. I can load it and I can listen to it through the computer, but none of the controls on the thing itself work. Including the video. My plan is to take a camera to the NYC Marathon for some shots at and around the start and wherever it is that I finish. Now that Apple has announced the Nano 6th as a completely different sort of animal, particular in its lack of a video camera, I’m hesitant about getting a new Nano 5th just for the camera. Perhaps I’ll get the Flip instead. We’ll see.