[Click Here for Runners Roundtable – Episode 98]

I had the idea to have a RunnersRoundTable series on fundamentals, and the first thing that came to me is running form. The following is what I posted for the show on Thursday night. If anyone has questions or suggestions, please let me know:

“Distance runners and coaches seem to hate the topic of running form. Most subscribe to the idea that a runner will naturally find his best stride and that stride should not be changed.” Steve Magness continues, “It’s my belief that the wide range of ‘correct’ ways to run has led to this apathetic attitude towards running form changes by most athletes and coaches. The argument that running is a natural movement that should not be corrected is easy to dispel.”

Taking a look at Steve’s series, Pete Larson put up on of his own, On Running Form. Pete took a look at some high-speed/slow-motion videos he had taken at Boston (those are the leaders in the photo) and drilled down to the $64,000 Question: What about heel-strike?

Meanwhile Jason Kehl’s blog Geeks in Running Shoes (with Raymond King) got into the act, linking to Pete’s blog and, in a separate entry, referred to Jeff Kline’s posts about “the” proper form.

Mark U. wrote into his blog Run In America concerning the mid-foot/minimalist cause, his efforts to change his form and his improvement.

Now all those posts have been in the last month or so and there are many others. It sends one’s head aspinning.

To help slow things down a bit, we’ve recruited Steve, Pete, Mark, and Jason to RRT. The subject: Running Form. The objective: Make some sense of the debate. The result: Less confusion (we hope).

On RRT98, Thursday, September 16 at 8pm EDT, we’re going to talk about these issues.

  • Is there “perfect” running form?
  • Should we tweak or should we overhaul our own form?
  • How do you know whether what you’re doing is good? Or bad?
  • What is heelstriking? Mid-foot? Fore-foot?