[Edited to add: Tony Portera noted this change late last year, with a discussion of how it came about. But I know of two runners who say they were accosted six months ago for running around Swan Lake. So I’ve posted a thread on LetsRun soliciting comments.]

I mentioned my run on Sunday at the Rockies. We did not, though, venture near the Visitor’s Center, the site of all manner of agitation about access.

After hearing that someone a bit ago was pulled over running around Swan Lake by a Park official in a golf-cart I heard that the signs restricting access to that part of the Park were taken down. This morning I called the Park and was told that restrictions on runners at the Rockies have been lifted. Runners are, as always (and do we have to say this), asked to be courteous to other Park users.

I’ve not seen this. I pass this info on. I’d appreciate any confirmation.