It’s been a while since I’ve posted about, you know, my running. This is because there’s not been a lot to report. I’ve struggled, as have many, with the recent heat we’ve been having. I’ve had a few annoying three-day injuries in which something’s bothering me and I take a few days off to let it heal. These interruptions have not been helpful from the consistency front.

For that and other reasons it looks highly unlikely that I’ll be racing New York. Not only haven’t I gotten in the work I need I’ve not been of a mind to get in the work I need. So as I said on the recent RRT, I plan on enjoying going through Brooklyn this time.

I’m doing yet another RRT this coming Wednesday, on running in the heat. I don’t know what I can say about it except ratchet things down.

The impetus for this post is a fine run that I had this morning. I hadn’t gone into the City for the Warren Street Saturday morning run for quite a while because I’ve not been confident of being able to hold on. Today, though, I decided to give it a shot. I met Paul “Tex” Thompson at 125th Street and unfortunately we were alone until we picked up guys at 90th at 9. I say “unfortunately” because Paul is quite a bit faster than I am and while he chats blithely away I find myself struggling. (Sayeth Paul in the new “New York Runner” magazine, speaking of running in a group, “You want to run with them, not away from them,” which for him means slowing down and for means speeding up.) Fabio normally tempers this, but he’s out with a broken wrist.

Water at 90th and we picked up four more guys. The six of us continued around the bridle path, but I began to fall back, joined by one other member. We were able to latch on again when the others turned around and back north we came. One new scene: people lined up for tickets to Shakespeare in the Park along the bridle path.

At first I just wanted to make 1:10 and I was struggling at the back hoping for that. I soldiered on as we went to the south of the Reservoir and somehow got to 90th St. again just at 1:19. Water, another minute, and I’m done. Now I was on my own as the others opened up. Somehow I was able to keep going to the 102nd Street Transverse, where one leaves the path for the Park Drive. I was glad of the change; as I tired I found my feet shuffling a bit on the path’s cinder.

Now the downhill to the Lasker Rink, stiffly, and, hey, just keep going to 1:30. Then I can make it to where I parked, at 120th and Marcus Garvey Park. And that’s what I did, getting 1:33 very tired miles in. This is far more than I’ve done in quite a while. It was a beautiful morning with temperatures far below where they have been. I was spent. But happy about this as “progress.”

On tap for next Saturday: The Club Champs Five-Miler.