Or words to that effect. Or maybe it’s 2:12, but that was something that came up on Wednesday in the most recent RunnersRoundTable in which I participated. Entitled “Compete or Complete,” the idea came from a slower runner who took offense at a series of articles and ads that demeaned the efforts of people who were slow. It’s a topic about which I’ve written, and “people of the land,” as the Waco Kid described them, have demeaned my view on the subject.

I was drafted as a voice from the other side of the fence (which is why I included my 2006 in my bio).  What do faster folk think of the slow? After noting the 2:10 standard (for men in the marathon), I figure we’re all in the same boat.  No one cares about my times except me.  The issue is not how fast you are but how you get there. (I also managed to get in what I sometimes think is the motto for some on LetsRun: “You suck if you haven’t run X” where X, in a marathon, is one minute slower than the speaker’s PR.)

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