LetsRun has had irregular interviews with coaches and athletes. The first of these was with John Kellogg, author of the piece I stole for the Speed for Oldsters post. The Training Talks are now available on iTunes, LetsRun.com’s Training Talk, and thus can be put on an iPod. The LRC page is here.

I’ve listened to two items, and I recommend both.  First is the Kellogg interview with Robert Johnson of LRC, Cornell’s coach. The interview skews towards the young, but the fundamentals still apply generally. I particularly like his emphasis on “economy.” On easy days, run slowly as long as you’re economical in doing so. Cross-training is of limited use because it doesn’t help improve the economy of your running. “Efficiency” may be measurable, but “economy” is how you translate energy into forward motion, i.e., running.

RoJo has some nice insights as well, particularly a story of Nick Willis — the Kiwi with the Olympic silver medal — being happy to run with college kids who know how to take easy days easy.

Virgin leading Lindsay, 1980

Second, the interview with Craig Virgin, who I’ve complimented for his commentary at the USATF Champs, is a good listen. Virgin was the guy when I was in high school; he was a year ahead of me and was setting HS record after HS record. I listened to this during my  run this morning in rather brutal humidity, and enjoyed it.