One of the frustrating things about watching track and field and road races is the announcing (and the frequent failure to give crucial information, such as whether a gap is getting bigger). If you watched a race, the coverage tends to be lousy, although I give credit when Tony Reavis does it.  Track coverage, though, is pretty bad, made worse when you watch a meet from Europe with British announcers and then see the same meet on, say, Universal here with Dwight Stones (who I don’t think is as bad as some do) and the others.

When one has the good fortune of watching a race that is not televised, though, the coverage can be pretty good. This is the case with the USATF National Championships. I’ll say nothing about the fuck-up with cutting away from the men’s 5000 with 900 to go. Instead I’ll point to the streaming coverage from USATF itself.

Here’s a link to the women’s 10000 on Thursday night. The interplay between the main announcer, a guy named Paul whose last name I didn’t get, and Craig Virgin and Carrie Tollefson is great. I particularly like Tollefson’s observation that this racing is serious business, literally, for the participants. It’s tough to keep things interesting throughout a 10000. (Speaking of serious business, JT forwarded a post by Lauren Fleshman, whose victory in the women’s 5000 we did manage to see on ESPN last night.)

Could we just have this kind of intelligent back-and-forth as a rule and not as an exception.


I’ve not run since Monday. That night I had a sore throat. I was blitzed on Tuesday so came home early and was not well enough to go in for the rest of the week, although I can, and did, work from home. It’s not as though I had something bad and recovered. I have something that is lingering just below the surface. Was it in my system last Sunday, for the race? Who knows?

I feel better today than I have all week. Perhaps something short tomorrow.

World Cup

The US-Ghana game just having ended, I must say that the better team on the day won. The US was awful in the first half and was lucky to be done only 1-0 at the half. At times it seemed like Ghana had too many men on the pitch. The US was better in the second half, but lacked fluidity. I thought the effort by Ghana in the first half would tell as the game progressed and that the US would be able to out-run Ghana late, but it didn’t happen, and Ghana did a fine job of playing keep-away in Overtime, especially after it scored a dazzling goal. Who to root for now? I picked Argentina to win, but I’ll pull for the winner of tomorrow’s England-Germany match. Or maybe the Dutch. Sometimes when you don’t have a dog in the hunt you wait until the game starts and then decide who you want to win.

That was fast

A  few weeks back, it was reported that someone had run a 59:28 HM leg in a Half-Ironman. Color me skeptical, but since this is faster than Ryan Hall’s US record, I had my doubts. Turns out it was a timing error; the correct split is 1:14:28. But that was still the fastest in the race. By two minutes. The race winner ran 1:21:02.

Late, but still worth a view