Last year I reviewed “Running From The Devil” by Jamie Freveletti.  As with Renee Chambliss‘s “Dreaming of Deliverance,” that first book used the fact that our heroine was a runner to ultimately survive a harrowing nightmare.

Well, as they say, just when you thought it was safe to lace up your Asics and head over to South Africa to run Comrades, boom, it’s not.

And so begins “Running Dark.” And so ends the book’s running. Emma Caldridge, again our heroine, is an ultramarathoner whose day job is being a chemist. Unlike in the first novel, though, she doesn’t do much chemistrying here, although her credentials are crucial to what she does do. Which is to respond to a high-seas adventure involving a hijacked cruise ship in the Indian Ocean, the MacGuffin of a mysterious drug or WMD on that ship, and a senator out to get a good version of Blackwater.

In this the novel brings together the three major characters of “Running From The Devil.” I won’t give away the plot. The device is to go from the Indian Ocean (off Somalia) to South Africa-to-Kenya-to-Somalia to Washington. The device works. I picked it up on Saturday afternoon. I finished it before turning in on what had become early Sunday morning (on raceday eve no less).

This novel is not going to reveal or uncover anything about the human condition. But it is an enjoyable adventure.

TK sent me this book gratis, as she did the earlier one. I don’t think that affected my opinion though.

Any excuse to show something from Emma: