I’ve learned that blogging is so much easier when you steal borrow someone else’s stuff. Although many will also be reading JT’s blog, those who aren’t should head over for her report of interviews taken before the Healthy Kidney 10K. Who knew “I’m a blogger” could get you free coffee? I mean, who isn’t?

Here’s the Link: Healthy Kidney 10K: The Front Runners

The piece was picked up for LetsRun’s front page and thence to Track & Field News, but if you haven’t seen it before, you saw it here first. As I’ve noted, when I had the chance to run with an elite runner (and I’ve also run with plenty of sub-elites), it was pretty much like running with anyone else.

Also, some weeks ago I characterized a blog from which I had been removed — JT’s not there either — as taking “the all-encompassing approach.” Umbrage was taken. I just figured with scores of blogs listed they all couldn’t be followed. I apparently erred. I apologize.

Also in that post I noted a local eighth grade girl who had run 5:01 for the 1600. She’s now run sub-5 for a mile. Ouch indeed.