TK ran London. She has some nice reports from that great city, as well as a fine race report (Part I, Part II.) Here’s something to keep in mind, whether we are able to rise to the occasion or not:

    TK, you get this one chance in your life to run this course. One chance to leave your best stuff on the streets of London. Don’t let up for one second because if you do, that bitter taste will never go away.

[Edited to add: I just found this column via a LetsRun link. I find it offensive. The premise appears to be that a major marathon should ultimately be about raising money for charity. “Running in the United States is a vanity project, but in London there are 35,000 higher aims.” I’ve written about my views of charity runners (here, here) — they’re fine (TK and Marci are among those I know and like who are among their ranks) provided it’s not forgotten that they are incidental to the main event, i.e., the race (and I do object to taking slots from people who qualify for Boston).]

For TK, it was a destination race, one run for charity (Team Fox). I raced a 5K when I was last in London (in Hyde Park), and try to scope out races when I travel (the Internet is great for that). I was told, however, that it’s not so easy in France because of the requirement that one have medical clearance.

(The picture: the Warren Street Tube Station. It’s not on the London Marathon course. There is, however, a Warren Street that crosses just before the eight-mile mark of the NYC Marathon. My club takes its name from neither.)