I’m a little unhappy. Last week I felt a twinge when running some repeats with JS and stopped. Possible sciatica. It flared up slightly the next day but no problems since. Until tonight, when I got through 100 meters of the first of a planned three 1600s. May have to keep off the speedwork for a bit, assuming that it doesn’t bother me on slower stuff. [Edited to add: April 28: went out after work and got in 6.5, mostly on B’ville’s track. Lots of things ached, but not the sciatica!]

I had planned on running the Rye Derby five-miler this Sunday, but decided that, even before this, I wasn’t up to doing five miles. So I’ve entered the Loucks Masters Mile next Thursday and will likely do the Loucks road 5K on Saturday morning. I haven’t done a 5K in a while, so it’ll be interesting. Like the 10K but faster and not so long.

Penn II

Ewen had an interesting post on racing versus time-trialling. I commented there that in the end I’ve probably always been a time trialler, much as I’d like to have been good enough to actually strategize during a race.  He also led me to track down a video of the “Dream Mile” from 1971. I remember watching it on CBS as it happened. I’m pretty sure it made the cover of Sports Illustrated.

The Art of the Run

Hilary (AdventureArtist) is an artist who runs and a runner who arts, and she’s come up with something quite spectacular. That’s her work below.

Hilary Lorenz, GPS Running Drawing

Hilary Lorenz, GPS Running Drawing

Other Stuff

I tried to listen to one of the podcasts in which I (et al.) were spoken of, but I never found whether it was insulting because, worse, I found it boring, with my posts and comments and Facebook items being read. It may have been the incompatibility of something written being read, but I couldn’t take it and I don’t know how people can sit through (or run with) nearly an hour-and-a-half of such stuff. I like podcasts in which there is interaction and the only solo one I listen to on a regular basis — and I’ve listened to others and found them enjoyable but come away suspicious of spending a lot of time listening to them — is Matt’s (one of the aforementioned al.s) Dump Runner Club. When I’ve thought of doing one, I’ve rejected the idea, not simply because I don’t have melodious musings but because I know people are unlikely to care about the mundane things I have to say. With my videos, I figure you can watch or not. They supplement what I write, which you can read or not.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t post this link. There’s a backstory to this. That’s all I can say about it.