What a great Boston. I wasn’t there. I followed a number of people who were, though, and as two of them put it afterward on Facebook, “so happy.”

The Elites

I watched the race on Universal Sports, and the coverage was awful. First sign of trouble: the men’s race began and the big question was “what will Hall do?” What was shown? Row after row of people crossing the start. When the leaders were finally shown, Hall was in the lead, which brought a chorus of “What are you doing?”s on Lets Run. Second sign of trouble: Hall is in the lead and some guys come to pass him. What was shown after this? I don’t remember, but it wasn’t the men’s race. When they finally cut back to the men, Hall was way off the back. Did they tell us what was going on? No. In fact, Hall was maintaining an even tempo, and a surge was going on, that’s what. So he caught up. That goodness for the Official 2010 Boston Marathon Update Thread on LetsRun, which included a during-the-race statement from Hall’s coach Terrence Mahaon (below). It didn’t work out for Hall, but it was great to get the info from LetsRun.

The Friends

I’ve had people who I’ve followed do marathons before, but never so many and never with such success. Fortunately I saw Herb’s I-don’t-know-if-I’ll-start post entitled “dns??” after I saw he has a PR, and so close to 3:10. Former Clubmate Mark Thomspon came in with a 3:15, beating the other Mark T in the race by about 30 minutes. [Edited to add: Wasn’t sure, but that was indeed a PR for Mark by 75 seconds.]

Let’s see. I was so worried about Flo being able to pee that I almost forgot she had a race to run, but she didn’t and after taking 12:07 to cross the start came in with a PR of 3:28:29 in her farewell to the event, although the other K in the race did beat her by 7:30. Things got very interesting between Alex G and Elyssa Greenberg. From some injury issues Alex was fearful about not making the time cut-off, but I think she was safe with 3:46:34. At the last time check she and Ellyssa were predicted as having the same time, to the second. Alas, Elyssa opened up a lead and was 32 seconds ahead at the tape.

Finally, Seb Baret, one of Warren Street’s Frenchmen — as an aside, our resident Brit is stuck in Venice with no way to get home right now — burned a 2:37:56 for 166th overall. And perhaps most thrilling was Robert, who was going into the race as a kind of “what the hell” deal and ended up with a solid PR and nice negative split, 2:53:57 after a 1:27:49. Robert, I asked, did you pass a lot of people late in the race. Plenty he said.

I was thrilled for all of this, and I thank the blogosphere for bringing these folks. In other marathons, people I’ve known have blown up. Here, though, it seems a good time (literally and otherwise) was had by all.

Now the question: will TK get to London?

I should add that I have no desire to run Boston, and never have. It’s in the spring, it’s a downhill course, and I like to sleep in my own bed before a race.

    Just talked to Terrence Mahon as we watched the race.
    1. men on 2:06 mid pace (CR is 2:07:14). one of the lead men has a history of DNFing and tanking the final miles after insane mid-race miles. Mahon pointed out that they’re running insane pace.
    2. Meb on pace to PR by 2.5 minutes
    3. Hall doing what they had planned.
    4. Goumri walking and out.
    32 minutes and a lot of hills left in this race!
    I’m thikning Cheruiyot ftw at this point.
    Hall is beating some of the legitimate contenders.
    Erkesso is struggling with 20+ minutes left!