The 5K

Pete Magill (who, if memory serves, ran a 14:50 5K at Cascade when he was 47) posted a piece from Running Times on the 5K, Solving the 5K Puzzle. He does not, however, want us to think he’s resuming his blogging. It’s an article in which there has been some demand. I did a 5000 on the track a few years back. I asked Erin, a teammate who ran for Wake Forest, for suggestions. She said, break it up into quarter segments and go through each. Great, I thought, until about 600 in I realized that I was barely into the first quarter of the race and couldn’t imagine how long it would take. I went into the lead — it was a Masters Race — at about half-way, and GD stayed on my shoulder until absolutely blowing me away with 400 or so to go. Still, it was an experience, albeit one I’m not ready to jump into again.


I’ve added a link to NYCRuns.  It’s a project of Steve Lastoe to try to bring information about the NYC running community together. I’ve had a number of email exchanges with him, and he really wants it to be a valuable resource. Worth a look. (Full disclosure: Steve asked to use one of my posts on the site. I said yes.)

The Clock Strikes Thirteen At Midnight

I came upon the following “Correction” about my friend Matt’s DumpRunnersClub:

    On Episode 88 of my show this week, I mistakenly said that the “Dump Runners Club” referred to the toilet. When listening to that show, I mis-heard public works facilities as “public facilities”, which I took to mean toilets. I apologize to my listeners for my honest mistake.

Hey, how about an apology to Matt? I don’t know the difference between an honest and a dishonest mistake, but I wonder what the backstory is on this one. Matt has the only solo podcast to which I listen and he’ll be joining me on May 19 on the RunnersRoundTable for the topic, Reasons Not To Run A Marathon. In case you missed it, in addition to Flo, JT has been Mulling Over The Marathon. A few more and we’ll have ourselves a movement.

Speaking of Massachusetts — and bonus points if you got the connection — Monday is Patriots’ Day. If you know someone who’s running, you can get “Athletic Alerts” from various spots on the course. When I did NY 2006 I recall passing the 5K mat and thinking, “Now everyone knows I’m committed.” Right now I’m tracking Nos. 2384, 7073, 7774, 13897, and 15771. If you’re doing it and want another tracker, let me know.

Men and Women Racing

Here’s a piece from Science of Sport, “The abolition of gender categories in sport: a sound argument?” I threw a couple of comments up, including something interesting about horses from Slate, but I don’t think it makes sense for runners. I do like the idea of separate marathons though. I’ve long since passed from caring whether any women are ahead of me in races; in NYRR races, there will always be plenty of women ahead of me. Except at the Club Champs. Separate races.