That didn’t take long. A bit over two weeks after posting that one must bookmark Pete Magill’s Younger Legs site, he is pulling the plug, as he says, “there just isn’t enough time in the day.” Now I’m thinking that the suggestion recently that I may actually run NY led Ryan Hall to opt for Chicago. I mean, I did run the NYC HM and Geb did drop out. Coincidence?

Actually, Hall’s going to Chicago is no surprise. Doing the Boston/New York duo twice in a row (2009 and 2010) would have meant he didn’t do a speed race, as Chicago is. My guess is that he’ll only do London in 2011 and then prep for the OT in Houston in January 2012.

For its part, NY will be announcing a couple of big names tomorrow, when it will be simulcasting the lottery results. (Also, I’ll be hosting another RunnersRoundTable at 7pm, after which I’m off the air until a program “Reasons Not to Run a Marathon” on May 19.)