I started to write a blog entry explaining why I decided not to run NY, today being the deadline for entries. I made reference to my January 1, conversation with myself about whether I should do the race and how for most of the ensuing two-and-a-half months I’d been pretty convinced that, no, I wouldn’t. Throughout the day, I was going back and forth. In this post I said, “Funny thing about deadlines though. They concentrate the mind. While I could punt and pay the whatever it is to . . .” and then I went to the NYRR site to confirm how much it would cost to keep my options open.

In the end, I chickened out. I went to the Marathon-entry site and it beckoned me, telling me that I had “guaranteed entry.” I knew that, but it seemed so enticing to see it there in print.

So I entered. That’s not to say I’ll do it or that I’ll commit myself to do it. I just put off the day of reckoning.

I will be doing a RunnersRoundTable on May 19 on the topic, “reasons not to run the marathon.” And I’m still leaning against doing NY. I basically bought a put-option on the thing.