I was away for a couple of days in Stockton, New Jersey. Here are a couple of videos I made on Friday morning. To set the table, I was very apprehensive, this time about a sore Achilles tendon that followed a tempo run on Tuesday. I passed on a run after we got to Stockton on Thursday afternoon. There is a great trail and I was determined to give it a shot on Friday. These are before-and-after videos. Raw.

I decided not to run on Saturday morning while we were there notwithstanding the wonderful trail because of heavy winds. I would wait until we got home. Alas, it was mucho windy at home. I checked the radar and hope the storm would pass so I waited a bit more. Resigned to getting on the treadmill in the late afternoon, though, this plan was foiled when our power went out.

And so it remains out. Yesterday was a fine run that involved going around numerous downed trees along the Bronx River Parkway path. As I approached one that required climbing-over, a clap of thunder sent me scurrying towards home. I was still able to get in 1:20.