I’ve gone through my pre-WordPress blog and put the entries in chron order. I see that sometimes they were an almost daily log and other times there were long stretches between entries. I’ve included straight links to a number of race reports I did at the time on my Races page (link above).

When I started the blog, I was running for the Central Park Track Club and focusing on track racing, on the theory that I had the raw speed and big-body build that made shorter races more appropriate for me. A few major injuries, however, led me to doubt that strategy and when I decided to do Reach-the-Beach with a new club, Sound Shore, I naturally moved to the other extreme, i.e., the marathon.

Alison Wade, EliteRunning.com

So there are then posts at the time about the transition and the doubts I had about making it work. I forgot that during the Grete HM I went from being convinced that I could never finish NY to thinking I could actually do pretty well. What a confidence booster that race turned out to be.

I came upon the above picture. I think it may (I really don’t remember much of what was happening at the time) capture the utter exhaustion I felt in the final mile of the marathon. It’s the vacant look of someone struggling (not dying, just struggling) with under one mile to go. (This was taken as I went by the zoo just before the “One Mile To Go” sign.) I post it here as an object lesson.

I also came upon a few cool videos I posted over the years. Here are a couple of them.