I figure I’ll give this a shot.

One thing about the Web generally and Twitter specifically is the ability to quickly disseminate real-time information of use. One would be running conditions.

I have a limited Twitter presence, with an account RunWestchester. I only use it for posting general information about meetings and such in the County. It could also be used — and if someone else wants to do it, fine, and if someone else already does it, please let me know — to post current (or recent) conditions on trails and paths.

So here’s the deal. If you run on, say, the Rockies, DM or email me with the conditions. That’s it. I’ll post. You can either subscribe on Twitter to RunWestchester or use the #runwestchester search term. If you subscribe, you won’t be inundated with my workouts and such, just with specifics of races, meet-ups (and let me know of them, such as the recent OCA Adventure I), and conditions. Rockies, Bronx River Parkway, County Trailways, any place where you’ve run and think others might like to know about.

I can’t say it’ll be comprehensive. But it might prove of use.