There’ll be questions at the end, so bear with me on this.

The forecast had been down-graded throughout Friday, but I still expected there to be a patina of white when I awoke. Resigned to doing an hour or so on the treadmill in lieu of a long run, I found the lawn as green as it had been when I turned in. I understand Philly got hit with well over a foot, but we had nada.

But the radar suggested that there was snow in the area. Paul was down in Florida for the Masters HM champs so I had not planned to go into the City for the WSSAC run anyway, and with threatening weather I elected to head out but stay close enough to home to be able to get back if it started to snow.

So I meandered into Yonkers around Sarah Lawrence and other neighborhoods before picking up the BRP path. It was strange running in a spot with 45 minutes in my legs where there are usually only 15, and not in a good way.

But run I did, pushing on at 7, 7:10 pace, waving to JT on the way south, using care to get through short icy-spots, determined to get 1:45 in, which is how long I ran last Saturday. Then I figured I might as well go for 15. And so I did, my Garmin showing 15.01. New high, 1:47+, in over a year.

Here’s the thing. I am in awe of the many bloggers who not only go longer and longer but seem to relish it. (I’m too lazy to put up links, but they’re pretty well all of the folks in my must-read list.) It’s easy to say, “I’ll do 17” or 20 or whatever, “get my mileage up,” but the doing is a different thing entirely. I don’t relish it. I head down my block and dread the many steps that lie ahead. I know it’s not a great frame-of-mind, and maybe that’s the problem. I go into speed-work knowing it’s likely hurt but am ready to do it. With this long stuff, it’s different. Boring, yes.

All of this, of course, plays into my concept about running the marathon this year. If I don’t I figure consistent 2 hour/17 milers will be fine, even for HMs. Marathon training, and add 30 minutes or so. (I can’t phathom the 22, 24, 26 mile runs.)

So here are the questions:

    How are you able to do long runs?

    Did you struggle to get there?

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