Robert completed the Empire State Building Run-Up on Groundhog Day (and here’s something on the movie of the same name by Tony Scott). But I found more intriguing Alex’s report on a “Groundhog 5K” a few days earlier. It was in a cave. And they apparently have races there all the time. Like some post-Apocalyptic diversion.

Back to Robert, this was yet another of his crazy-in-a-good-way things. I thought of doing this race a few years back, but decided that I didn’t feel like experiencing some of the hassles about which he writes. But a part of me wishes I did it, just once. (I think using stairs whenever possible is cheap supplemental training for strengthening the upper legs.)

Did you know that the NFL‘s VP of Officiating goes on the NFL Network to review officiating calls and whether they were missed? I didn’t.

I also bet folks who live where it is cold, like Minnesota, Canada, the Dakotas, get a chuckle when they see New York-area bloggers complain about how bitter it has been here.

In the small-world department, I ran into a neighbor’s son this morning. He grew up on my block and now lives on the street in Eastchester which was my first home, a tiny cape in which my family lived until 1963. He’s having some knee issues and is seeing someone about it, but I was heartened that he said he sometimes stops and visits this site.

I’m no techie, but someone who is recommended Google’s Chrome browser. It’s amazing how easy it is to search when all you need do is type the query into the address box. I’m now chiefly using the Chromium variant, and like the available extensions. One that may be particularly useful down the road is the Google SideWiki; it allows you to comment on a site or a part of a site, and to see the comments of other folks.