A while back I announced my retirement from Facebook and Twitter. An amendment to that is appropriate.

Twitter: I have not returned to Twitter. But I have created a new Twit (Twitterer?), “RunWestchester.” The purpose is simple. Notwithstanding a light response to my let’s-meet post, I figure I’d give it a try, and one way to expand the scope of those who are made aware of it is to post something on Twitter. So I’ll use that account to post (tweet?) proposed meet-ups (including at the Rockies) as well as other items that might be of interest to runners in Westchester, such as races. If you want to follow, you’re welcome to. I’ll also tag items “#RunWestchester” for search purposes.

Facebook: I’ve returned chiefly to follow family and Warren Street mates. I also created a “RunWestchester” page, to which my blog entries go.