I’ve long been a member of one running club or another over the past 25+ years and I’m surprised that more folks aren’t. One benefit, though, is that when NYRR has its number pick-up over a mile from the start and I’m coming in from out-of-town, I can ask a clubmate to pick it up for me and that’s what I did so I can go straight to the start.

The start will be for the Manhattan Half. I did it a couple of years back, but the course has been slightly modified. It’s still the same 2+ counterclockwise laps of Central Park, but it finishes at 72nd Street instead of at 103rd.

I’m a tad nervous, but I think an HM is a good way to start racing again, even if I’m not in racing trim. I like them because I start out easy and see what happens, and I usually run a negative split. So it’s a good see-what-happens thing.

I’m pretty sure, though, that’s I’ll break 1:20, the wrong way. That’s never happened before, but as I age I must face more and more realities and see more and more barriers fall. Where I’ll be, I have no idea. 6:30 is 1:25. That should be doable. Out easy, get to point where I know I can finish and try to bring it in. Should be fun.