There are a fair number of more than fair runners in southern Westchester, some bloggers, some not.

How about a regular, say once-a-month, run? Varying paces, varying distances. I would propose meeting at Crestwood Station, in Tuckahoe. It seems about midway (north/south) up to White Plains. Plus it allows use of the BRP Path. I believe you can park just off the BRP. Coffee can be gotten afterward. Or not.

It’d also be on Sunday. I like to get my long runs (such as they are) in on Saturdays, so Sunday is more laid back. If interested, please comment or email me.

Separately, The Running Company in Bronxville is beginning a weekly Sunday @ 10 am run, which I’ll try out in a few weeks (Manhattan Half this Sunday), and report on.

Finally, here’s a video of a new member of our family: