In September I bemoaned the death of Cycling Fans Anonymous, a victim of cycling’s race to the bottom.

A new site, Cozy Beehive, has appeared, however, and takes up some of the slack. I happened on it with the post, “8 Things On Lance Armstrong From The ‘Other Side Of The Grass’” and dutifully chimed in with TK’s Armstrong is a dick of last year.

I came to the CozyB page in trying to address some statements made on a LetsRun interview with Matt Fitzgerald that made what I understand to be a misstatement of Armstrong’s supposed, and miraculous, world- and life-changing weight loss. I’ll have more on that when I’ve read Fitzgerald’s new book on the optimum weight for runners — I’m working, Jaymee, on a post about his Brain Training book.

(On the all of the media have not been taken in by Armstrong front, this from today’s article by Tom Scocca on Gilbert Arenas: “Who was pretending what? [Sally] Jenkins—who moonlights co-writing books with an athlete widely accused of doping about what a fine role model he is—lamented Arenas’ inability to establish a convincing, respectable public persona.” The “athlete widely accused of doping” being Armstrong of course.)