In brief, my review of 2009: it sucked. Goal for 2010: Have it not suck.

On the LetsRun weekly 50+ thread, I put it thus (with slight modifications):

2009 never really got going. I had some decent early races, but they paled when compared to their 2008 counterparts. I attribute it to the residual effects of my elbow injury. I hurried things up out of impatience and never got things right, mentally as much as anything.

2010 will, I hope, develop more smoothly. Although I’m dealing with a nagging IT issue, I’d like to gradually build up a nice base aiming for good racing in May and June. I’d really like to get a good 10K and a good HM and prove that 2009 was not a precipitous drop but merely an aberration. Then, in the fall, maybe do NY.

The most important word there is “maybe.” If one makes racing a marathon a year’s target, there should be no “maybe” about it. Yet here on December 30, I’m just not sure. But I’ll address that in a later post.