About a year ago I posted a video called “Frozen Grand Central” which is a “project” of, as TK pointed out, “Improv Everywhere.”

I was reminded of this by an article in today’s Times enticingly entitled, “Even in a Subway Car, This Is Strange Behavior.” I infrequently take the subway, particularly since I’ve moved my office to the suburbs. But while there are those who are repulsed by the prospect, I relished the cross-section-of-life you’d find.

That cross-section comes through in the article and especially in the video (the 6 train is a local that runs from Brooklyn Bridge up Lexington Avenue (the East Side) to Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx):

Of course, that video sends you to the “No Pants Subway Ride 2K8” one. The article talks about this one too, especially what NYPD did a few years back, including people being arrested (charges dropped) under the “We’ll-Think-of-Something Statute”: