The Save Our Schools Project

Westchester is an affluent county, but it historically is chopped up into cities, towns, villages, and the occasional hamlet. And these communities reflect widely-varying economic, social, and racial classes. (And widely-varying house prices.) When one takes a MetroNorth train, each stop has its own identity but like the NYC Subways each passenger is part of the wider community.

I live in Mount Vernon. It is a small, largely black city that borders the Bronx to the south.

Up the road is Bronxville. Very white, very affluent.

Last year, the proposed school budget failed. Twice. This meant that Mount Vernon’s schools sports had to be eliminated. They weren’t because of outside donations, not only from Bronxville, as chronicled below, but from many other places. (The film focuses on the basketball team, but Mt. Vernon has other sports, and its track team was a major rival when I was at Iona Prep.) I did not know of the interrelationship between the two communities.