Quite a chill this morning. I don’t go out as early as some, but I go out in the morning, after the sun’s been up a little. But it was chilly this morning, good for tights and even a hat. I’m pleased to say that I got in six this morning, as I had yesterday. And Saturday, on my trail. And Friday, in White Plains.

The idea is to gradually increase my “base” run, i.e., the distance I cover on my basic, everyday run. I want to get that up to eight.

More important, after building-up miles but feeling dead in doing so, I’m beginning to get comfortable, without the drama about whether I can cover the distance. I’ve been going watch-less (per Pete Magill’s suggestion) but, frankly, I don’t know if I’m slowing down that much. I intend to take the bigger-picture view seriously this time. Really.

No major knee or tendon issues. The exercises of been doing for my IT Band appear to be working. I’m even contemplating doing a little speed next week, if only to get my legs going at a decent clip. (Early-season speedwork is the most fun, particularly for us old-times trying to get the cobwebs out.)

As to that, I’m just in getting-back mode. Although I plan on doing the Manhattan Half on January 24, the season will be building for late April/early May, so I’ve plenty of time to get my act together on the racing-trim front.

Meanwhile, there’s been stuff going back-and-forth on other blogs on ideal race-distances and whether one should do one or two, more or fewer marathons in a year — particularly given some disasters that have befallen some (but not all) of my favorites — and I may (or may not) post my thoughts on the subject. For now I’ll just say that I’m quite content with shorter stuff in the Spring.