This morning saw me heading up to the Rockies for the first time in a bit. I ran from home to Nature Study yesterday and stopped on the way home when I ran out of gas. But with no troubles in the leg — knee or Achilles tendon — I figured a run on a soft surface would be nice.

With the temperature in the mid-30s, I headed north. Parked on Sleepy Hollow Road (instead of the normal Sleepy Hollow High School) because that give immediate access to the Rockies trail (as opposed to the period on the Old Croton Aqueduct from SHHS).

It was a fine run but, alas, I again ran out of gas. I labored up the trail to Thirteen-Bridges, going counterclockwise meant going down the switchbacks, and that was a strain. So instead of the 40 minutes I hoped for, I struggled to the start in 30 and stopped. But although my tendon hurt afterward, it was not an issue during the run.

I brought my video camera, housed in the iPod Nano, and took some pictures after the run. Here’s the final stretch, taken along this stretch. It gives a sense of what the trails there look like; these are pretty typical. It looks a bit darker than it did when I took some pictures in April.