A client invited me to join Google Wave, and I accepted. He thinks it’s great (and he’s the smartest guy I know).

From what I’ve seen, it would seem to be a nice advance for small groups to communicate. So, e.g., if one had a core-group of fellow bloggers on a particular matter, say running, you could get a “wave” going on a particular topic, say, the idiocy of choosing Chicago over New York. Or coordinate who’s bringing what to a meet-up at the Rockies.

Does anyone out there have experience with this? I realize that it’s another attempt for Google to rule the world and that it doesn’t work on the Opera browser (although it does on Firefox). Anyone? I’ll be happy to extend invitations.

[Jan. 22, 2010: Edited to add: Business Insider article, “Remember Google Wave?“:

    For a moment, Google Wave — the company’s ambitious, futuristic new messaging/docs/email/IM service — was hot stuff. Getting an invitation to the service took real work. People seemed seriously excited about it.

    But after a quick spike in activity, Web visits to Google Wave have dropped sharply, according to Hitwise.

    Even our nerdiest associates say they have stopped using it. In an informal survey, those who have even bothered to test it, say: “It’s pretty lame,” “shitty alternative to Basecamp for ad hoc collaboration,” “sucking generally,” needs “UI changes,” etc.

Meanwhile, I’m begging to play with Google Chrome. I’m chiefly using FireFox and Opera.]