After a week of slowly increasing my miles without difficulties, I managed to get to 27:40 yesterday before running out of gas, a half-mile from home. So I decided to head over the Mamaroneck this morning to run one of my favorite local races, a five-mile turkey trot.

Off I went. It’s a very nice, largely flat course, with the last 1.25 but for the final 200 heading northbound along the Boston Post Road, Route 1. It finishes by a marina on the Sound, and my old club is a sponsor. I’ve done this race maybe 5 times, with a second and a couple of thirds to my name. I think it’s a pretty accurate course and fast; I had a 28:40 in 2007.

For this race, there is always a wind-induced chill in the park where you register and it’s much warmer on the course itself. So singlet was in order.

But, of course, I was just doing it for fun. What’s it like to lope along in the crowd? Well, I confess, I never found out. Some of us are not meant to lope along in the crowd. I was doing pretty well through the one-mile split where Gregg Rubin — SSRMC’s prez and my former RTB teammate (his mom is one of Deena K’s mom’s best friends) — said 6:24. Now my goal was simply to hit 34 or 35 so this was a bit quick. And then, seeing bunches of folks ahead, I decided to run hard but relaxed. Plus it was so nice out, sunny and temp in the mid-50s.

Off I went, passing people. Of course, I ran out of gas, as I said, at 27:40 yesterday. I didn’t know how for how long I could keep this up. Most important, my knee was fine.

And in the end neither my knee nor my heart gave out. I felt nice and comfortable, albeit mighty winded, as I headed up the Boston Post Road, checking off landmarks along the way. Into the park, through the finish, get a massage. Quite happy with the result. While I was first in the 50-59, two others in that AG were under 32.

I got to see several of my old teammates — Dave Burgess, Greg Stern, Mark Thompson, Paul Goodman, Eric Turkewitz (wearing a turkey costume). Arthur Weinberg did quite well; he’s just turned 65 and is pumped about being in a new age-group and is headed down to Dallas in three weeks for the marathon there. Judy Rubin and a bunch of others. In a sense, though, it was kind of sad that the SSRMC contingent was so scant.

A Frenchman won the 40-49 age-group. I was wearing my “Running for Margo” shirt after the race, and he came up to me and told me that, in fact, he knows Margo through Olivier, Margo’s dad. He also knows Pascal Lauffer. Small world.