I was directed to Jaymee Marty of the RunAwayFast blog by Julie T of RacesLikeAGirl. As I note in my links, she’s old and she can beat me.

Anyhow, one reason for my posting that Interval thread this morning is that I came upon a post by Jaymee entitled “On science and running.” I’ve recently become increasingly interested in science, listening to podcasts like the Skeptics’ Guide to the Universe and Astronomy Cast.

Jaymee writes:

    This is the scientific process that Ross [of Science of Sport in a post entitled “Coaching and science: What’s the big deal and who cares for the science?”] talks about in his article (well, he might describe it slightly differently). It doesn’t mean that you blindly follow Jack Daniels’ training prescriptions or read Noakes’ Lore of Running before bedtime every night. It means that you’re aware of the science and you use it to form educated guesses about how you’ll do in race X using training plan Y. You do the work prescribed in your training plan and collect the data along the way including the final piece of data: your race time. You then go back and attempt to divine why you did or did not meet your goal and revise your training as appropriate.