Little irony here. I didn’t try to run the marathon for fear of hurting my knee. So something happened and it appears that my IT band has gone nuts. I’ve never had this before, but I’ll just have to wait it out. Today was not as bad as yesterday which was not as bad as Wednesday. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a bit better.

And then one of these days I’ll be running again.

memory lane

NRHM, 1984

NRHM, 1984

In the meantime, I can reminisce. I came upon a story (PDF) about the New Rochelle Half-Marathon in May 1984, to which I refer in my review of Charlie Spedding’s “From Last To First,” this one referring to Treacy winning by a “country mile.” I knew Treacy was in the race, so I let him go. The course was perfectly flat for the first 1+, then up Paine Boulevard (a pretty tough climb up which I sometimes do Repeats) through mile 2, down, a real flat stretch (on which I ran frequently in high school), and then up and down local streets, including up Paine a second time before mile 12.

It was a nice course, and my first race for Warren Street was the year before. I lived in the City at the time, and it was strange to be running on a Saturday morning around these suburban streets, all alone, people out in their yards watching me go by. Some fool went out with Treacy, and I passed him, the fool, at 6, running the balance of the race alone in a slight drizzle.

The New York Road Runners Club, as it was then known, put on several races out of the City in those days, most notably the Yonkers Marathon and the Westchester Half-Marathon, but it no longer appears to leave the City. The Westchester Marathon, which was run from White Plains to New Rochelle (it may have gone the other way in some years) was a medium-big local race which disappeared I think in the 80s. I don’t know how long the New Rochelle Half-Marathon lasted, but it was only a few years.

The current Westchester Half-Marathon is run on the Bronx River Parkway in October, but it’s very expensive and while I spend a lot for the NYC Marathon (or, maybe next year, the NYC Half), I’m hard-pressed to justify paying exorbitant amounts when there are comparable HMs nearby at the same time for half the price.

Back to the picture. So I’ve been running with a head-tilt for quite some time.