Northern Westchester Trails

I came upon a page on the Leatherman’s Loop page that lists a whole bunch of trails in Northern Westchester (and Greenwich). Since my bailiwick is the Southern Part of the County, I don’t venture north (and, indeed, the point of WestchesterTrails is to let people down south that they needn’t go far for good trail running), I haven’t been on them (save for the Rockies). But it looks like there are loads more places than I knew of.

Racing at the Rockies: 5K, Nov. 7

rockybridgesmallThe Second Annual Fall Rockies 5K will be held on Saturday, Nov. 7. I don’t know if I’ll make it, given my sore knee.

Last year’s race was pretty laid back. There should be a good deal more color than in the photo, but this is a good representation of the trail itself. Since the course includes the dreaded 13-Bridges Trail (yes, I’ve counted all 13), it’ll be a tough one.

Registration limited to 300, from the Visitors’ Center. This will be tricky to get to from Metro North.