8:48: I just got in from a nice run. Six miles, knee a bit achy when I stopped. I don’t think I would have gone far in the marathon though. Weather, not perfect. A bit warmer/more humid than I’d like. There was slight rain earlier, but appears to be gone. Now for a shower then I’m going to plop down in front of the TV to watch the race. My bright idea: blog updates. We’ll see how that goes.

10:23: Athlete Tracker is great. Looks like through 10K 3 Warren Streeters — Stephane, Pascal, and Fabio — are running together, at about 39 flat. John Nelson is a bit farther back.

11:28: Strange to see Paula off the back. Hitting 24, can she come back? No. Meanwhile, sorry to see Hall gone. And Torres. But as they come back into Manhattan, maybe Meb.

Meanwhile my Warren Streeters are running pretty consistently and relatively close to one another. I am in the wish-I-was-there mode.

11:37: The coverage of the men’s race is awful. Let’s not focus on an American taking the lead.

11:55: Meb wins. Wow. Almost in tears here. Hall pulls up for 4th. But no more times for Pascal. Not good for our Masters team.

12:03: Someone pointed out on LetsRun that Meb made a cross coming down Cat Hill at the spot where Ryan Shay (whose No. 13 has been retired by NYRR) died, and a review of the tape shows that indeed he did.

1:21: Wow again. Looks like there was quite a bit of late race carnage. I’m not seeing anyone break 3, and some real late-race slowing.

Edited to add:

If you missed it, you can watch a good chunk of the race:

Thanks for the insights. They help put things in a bit of perspective as to how tough it was out there. (Wolve ran 3:42:08; he’s happy.)

I’ll note that Joan Benoit, wearing No. 152 (she’s 52) held tough, with a 2:49:09 for 17th overall, and, frankly, I doubt that I could have beaten her this time. (While she was on TV, she was passed by CPTC’s Alan Ruben, one of the top local 50+ers; he ran a 2:47 with an almost perfectly paced race.)

As I watched the closing stretch again, I loved seeing a black cop at 72nd Street going nuts when he saw Meb in his USA jersey come by. Not nuts, necessarily, but he was pretty pumped.

Within 10 minutes of the men’s start I happened on the website for the Marathon. The countdown clock for 2010 was already up, showing 370 days plus. The deadline is earlier this year. (The NYC Half is to be on March 21, and can qualify for NY notwithstanding the Jan. 31 deadline for all other races (except Boston).)

And Ryan Hall from the post-race presser:

    Q. Your training in Mammoth, how often do you actually run with him?

    RYAN HALL: We don’t train together a whole lot. We hooked up for a couple of long runs and stuff like that. Meb usually runs faster on easy days. Maybe I need to start running faster, I don’t know. But we have different workouts.

    We did a couple of tempo runs together and stuff like that. But we live like 400 meters away from each other. So we’re practically neighbors.