Couple of follow-ups.

In The Wasteland, I said I was departing Facebook and Twitter because they were becoming time-suckers. Part of the cost of doing that was throwing out some babies as well, and in particular there’s a fair amount of back-and-forth among members of WSSAC’s master’s team. I’m doing some re-thinking about Facebook.

In tomorrow’s Times Magazine, there is a great column (whence the title of this post derives), “Stop Your Search Engines” by Peggy Orenstein. “. . . When I looked up, three and a half hours had passed.” Knowledge and information are not the same, and there’s a Mac-only program, Freedom, that allows the user to shut down access to the Internet for 8 hours at a time. It’s down-loaded 4,000 times a month.

In commenting on my 2006 marathon pictures, Julie (who I saw on my run this morning) said they “so vividly tell the story of your race, like a play in several acts.” I don’t know whether they’re tragedy or comedy — they’re probably a little of both — but like Juliet I was not quite dead but unlike Juliet I did not plunge a dagger into myself. So I guess “All’s Well That End’s Well.”

Also, I’m pleased to say that my run got me to 12 miles for the first time in many a month. That’s a positive for next week. Buy my legs were completely shot from the effort.