I drove down to Bronxville’s track early this evening. It was a chance to get in a run even as it got dark. Since my accident, I’m hesitant enough about running on roads after dark that I won’t do it. And I enjoyed the liberation one gets running on a chilly night in the dark.

And it was chilly tonight. Fortunately I had kept a pair of tights in a drawer just in case. . . So with the temperature hovering about 40, on they went with my favorite shirt, my long-sleeve 2006 Marathon shirt. Round and round I went, ten laps clockwise, ten counter-. I can do that when there are only a few folks on the track. No headphones, nice pace, clicking off the laps.

I realized that far too much of my time has been wasted — I think it’s a good word for this — on Twitter and Facebook. So I decided to go cold-turkey, and when I got home I deleted both accounts. There are those who I’ve met through the Internet, but I’ve met them through their blogs. So as much as I enjoyed the repartee of Tweeting or Twittering or whatever it’s called, or following developments on Facebook — balanced against incessant product promotion via “if we get 100 RTs we’ll give away something” on Twitter and “Which member of ‘The Brady Bunch’ are you most like” contests on Facebook — I decided to just say no.

I figure I can follow the people about whom I care via their blogs — no podcasts for me — in which they write well and revealingly, and theirs are the blogs I list on my “must-reads.” As for me, I remind myself of the mantra of a blogger, i.e., no one cares about what you write.

I don’t get many comments, but I think those I get are worthwhile; in the blogosphere I go with quality over quantity. I try to respond to substantive ones made, although I realize that some bloggers don’t deign to respond to comments that I’ve made on their sites, which pisses me off. I hope I don’t piss people off by being rude, although if I do for what I say that’s one of the points.

So that’s why I’m off of Facebook and Twitter. But not off the Internet.

“Ciao.” It’s goodbye. But it’s also hello.